School 3 Days Closed: 3 days holiday declared in schools, timings of all schools also changed


At present, in view of the extreme heat, schools will remain closed for the next three days and due to extreme heat, school timings have also been changed.

School 3 Days ClosedSchool 3 Days Closed
School 3 Days Closed

In view of the extreme heat, a holiday has been declared in all government and private schools from class 1 to 8. In this, only the students will have a holiday from May 9 to May 11 and teachers will have to come to the school as per the alert of the Meteorological Department's hit web. Later the order has been issued.

Important news has come for all the students studying in schools, due to extreme heat in the state, holidays are now being declared in schools, along with this, school timings have also been changed so that the heat does not affect the children.

Let us tell you that the timings of all government and private schools have also been changed. Due to extreme heat, the health of children is affected. Meanwhile, the government has declared school holidays in many districts in which the temperature is so high. Moreover, holidays are being declared there and school timings are being changed.

School timings for most of the government and non-government primary and upper primary level students have been extended to 11:00 am. The operation of the school will remain the same in which the employees will complete their outstanding work.

Every district collector has been given the power by the government to change the timings and declare holidays considering the circumstances in his district. Separate orders are being issued by the collector of each district to the students about the schools. Information about holidays and time changes will be received from their school.

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Download the order for changing holidays and school timings in government or private schools from here


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