How to make government land lease online? Know the whole process


The state government and central government bring many schemes to help the poor and homeless people. Under one of these plans, you land lease online Can apply. That is, you can take advantage of these schemes sitting at home and arrange accommodation for yourself. If you want more information about how to make government land patta online, you can read this post completely. See MP Bhulekh

The government has made arrangements for lease of government land for landless and houseless families. But many people are not aware about this scheme and what process they have to follow for it. “How to make a lease of government land” A detailed post has been written on the topic in which this entire process is explained in detail. You want people to read this post carefully and take advantage of this important scheme.

Process to view government land lease online

  • First of all, RCMS (Revenue Central Management System) official website of Has to be opened in an internet browser. For this you can type in Google search box You can search by typing or open the direct link given by you.
  • On the official website of RCMS, a menu of various features/options will appear on the main page. among these “Application” Option has to be selected. now you residential lease Click on option
  • In this step, you have to fill the detailed description of the land/land for which you want to get the lease. First of all you have to fill the name of your district. After this, Tehsil, Revenue Inspector (RI) Circle, Patwari Halka and finally the name of the village will have to be selected respectively.
  • In this step, complete details of the applicant i.e. the person in whose name the patta is to be made have to be filled. This will include the applicant's name, father/husband's name, complete address, mobile number etc.
  • In this step, you have to upload some required documents along with the application. These documents are:
    • panchayat certificate
    • Photo of the land/site for which the lease is being made
    • perspective map of land
  • Scanned copies of all these documents have to be uploaded in the application. After this you have to put a check mark in the declaration/commitment box. “Save” You have to click on the button.
  • Once you have submitted your application, a notification will appear on the screen that your application has been successfully submitted.
  • After this on the screen “Print Acknowledgment” The option will appear. You will have to print the acknowledgment/receipt of the application by clicking on this option. This acknowledgment will be necessary for further processing. In this way the entire process of applying for government land lease online is completed.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your application, an acknowledgment/receipt of the application will appear on the screen. This acknowledgment will contain the following details:
    • date of application
    • Name of applicant
    • Name of applicant's father/husband
    • Full address of the applicant
    • Application number/number etc.

You should print this acknowledgment and keep it with you. Whenever it is needed in the revenue department in future, you can present it. Click here to see Bhu Naksha Map


Who makes the land lease?

In rural areas, the process of land lease is conducted by the Gram Panchayat Samiti. In urban areas this process is done by the Municipality/Nagar Panchayat.

How many years is the land lease?

Generally, as per rules, the lease of government land is made for a period of 5 or 10 years. However, this period of lease can be increased or decreased based on the proposal of the Village/Nagar Panchayat Committee. If a person's lease period expires, he can extend it by renewing it.

How many types of land leases are there?

There are two types of government land leases: Temporary/Time-bound Lease and Perpetual Lease. Both these types of leases are allotted under various government schemes. There are some differences between these two, which it is important to know before taking a lease.


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