Meghalaya Bhulekh: About Land Records and Survey

meghalaya land records It contains many documents and important information which provides complete information about the land. Meghalaya Land Records may include ROR, Property Mutation, Rent and Land Registry. Meghalaya land records may also include the latest mapping of areas in the state, development plans, land registrations and circle rates.

Meghalaya Land Records brings transparency, allowing residents to access ownership records. As people of Meghalaya can directly access Meghalaya Land Records (Bhulekh), by doing so they get awareness about the market value of their property. Moreover, maintenance of Meghalaya Land Records enables people to check whether a property is land recordable or not.

About Meghalaya Land Records

In Meghalaya, one of the North East states of India, tribes from all regions of India’s North East live together in harmony, each with their own special cultural, customs and methods of communication. Meghalaya is a unique case where the land within its jurisdiction is not owned by the state government but by the natural tribes who have inhabited the land for thousands of years.

Meghalaya Directorate of Land Records and Survey is responsible for keeping track of Meghalaya Land Records (DLRS, Meghalaya). The Land Survey and Records Preparation Act, 1980 created the Meghalaya Land Survey and Records Preparation (DLRS) 1980. It is managed by the Meghalaya Revenue and Disaster Management Department. (MRDMD) Is the responsibility of.

Current status of Meghalaya land records

Being a tribal state, it has not been an easy task for the Meghalaya State Government to bring the digitized Meghalaya Land Records Registration and Survey aspects within the state territory. However, the State Government of Meghalaya is committed towards bringing digital mode of land records in the state as per the guidelines established by the National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP); It is worth noting that till date, Meghalaya Land Records are maintained locally, offline. One reason for this is that it has been more than 100 years since any cadastral survey has been conducted in the state, the last being during the British Raj, and that too only of a few villages in the Garo Hills. This is why ROR does not exist in the north-eastern state.

Despite a century-old delay, it should also be noted that the Meghalaya Land Survey and Records Preparation Act of 1980 makes it mandatory that there be an official survey of land for Meghalaya. This will ultimately help in bringing clarity in terms of ownership and acquisition of land across the state of Meghalaya.

Why are Meghalaya land records not available online?

Ever since the Central Government of India implemented the National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP) to digitize the legacy talukdari system, state governments across the country have been dedicated to bringing about and carrying forward this digital revolution. Digitization of land records increases capital and convenience as well as transparency and accountability when it comes to land related queries and information.

Although by now almost all Indian states have set up special portals for all important information related to land records in their area, the north-eastern state of Meghalaya has not been able to do so. Although there is a separate department that monitors land records and surveys of the state – Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Meghalaya, Meghalaya land records information is not available on any online portal. Several reasons have helped lead to the unavailability of Meghalaya Land Records information online. Some of these are:

  • The ownership content of ‘land’ does not lie with the State Government, rather it lies with the various tribes inhabiting this land from time to time. Therefore, the State cannot impose any kind of rates or instructions on the tribes and their respective lands.
  • Being a very sensitive cultural and community community, it is not easy for the Meghalaya State Government to introduce digital literacy to the tribes, especially when they prefer their own specific communication and calculation methods and remain on their side. That is why even during the British Raj, physical surveys were conducted in the state, and that too only in some areas of the Garo Hills.

Main Functionalities of Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Meghalaya

The main functionalities of Meghalaya Directorate of Land Records and Survey include:

  • To carry out land related survey activities with complete planning, so that a comprehensive list of Meghalaya Land Records can be prepared without any hassle.
  • To deal with land and property related queries among various districts and suburbs in the state.
  • Preparing strip maps especially for those lands which fall in the border areas of India and Bangladesh, so that any additional land is not illegally occupied by Bangladeshi forces and civilians.
  • To undertake official restitution of Indian territories if for any reason they have been occupied by Bangladeshi forces and civilians.
  • To prepare comprehensive records of all activities related to Meghalaya Land Records in the State.

For the said purposes, Meghalaya Directorate of Land Records and Survey regularly works closely with DLRS (Shillong), which then provides ‘Bhunaksha’ or cadastral map to DLRS Meghalaya. It also cooperates in various ways with branches in six Meghalaya districts and one suburb and with the Meghalaya Survey School (MSS), Tura.

Directorate of Land Records and Survey Meghalaya : Contact Information

In this section, we will focus on some important Meghalaya Land Records and Survey Directorate contact information. You may need this contact information while querying land related data, as there is no online information available regarding Meghalaya Land Records. Therefore, you can use the following contact information:

contact us mobile office
Assistant Director of Survey 98630-95444
Director of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS) 9856025902 0364-2226579
Additional Director of Surveys 94363-04282 0364-2226094
Assistant Director, Land Records 9612002864
Joint Director of Survey 98564-50272

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